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Randy's seventh not-JUST-for-kids CD, Shake It and Break It, will be released on May 10, 2019!

Meanwhile, here's what folks are saying about Randy's 2017 album, Trippin' Round the Mitten:

"MITTEN is full of Kaplan-esque wordplay and unique situations. ... There's the 1950s novelty "Mr. Bassman" with a science-oriented epilogue, "Mr. Spaceman," where he explains time/space travel dynamics to his car-trip-tired son. And the recent Maroon 5 tune "Sugar" gets a kid-centric rewrite about confectionary concoctions. ... Randy is entering the eleventeenth year of adolescence and we're all the better for it."

"Now that Kaplan’s a father, he’s got an even more constant stream of inspiration. Kaplan has excellent taste in cover songs [and] a sharp parodic ear, reworking “Mr. Bass Man” into “Mr. Spaceman” (hi, Elon Musk!) and turning Maroon 5’s “Sugar”’s inappropriate-for-a-four-year-old’s lyrics into an ode to a four-year-old’s favorite ingredient. ... And in the case of Kaplan’s “On the Phone on the Toilet,” the salty and sweet are inextricably mixed. Kaplan doesn’t change his formula here, but when the formula works well as it does again, I’m OK with that. Longtime fans will dig in; if you’re new to Kaplan, this album is a fine place to start for your favorite 4-to-8-year old."

Upcoming Public Family Shows:

1.19.19 — Farmington, MI
4.23.19 — West Bloomfield, MI
Click HERE for details and the full concert schedule.

"Have you ever had one of those amazing experiences that you're pretty sure will play a part in how your kid chooses to live the rest of his/her life? Today was one of those days for me. The best analogy I can come up is that Randy Kaplan is the Arrested Development of children's music--brilliant, laugh-out-loud funny, and way ahead of his time."
—Melissa Skabich / FITS N GIGGLES

"Randy Kaplan is the current king of the storysong, and his magic is best witnessed live. Great example of grownup music for kids, kids' music for grownups."
—Warren Truitt /

"Randy Kaplan is one of those happy-they-exist people you can't quite tell is playing kids' music. And yet he is."

"He doesn’t dumb it down for the kids....He just expects them to come along for the ride. And they do."

Check out Randy's not-REALLY-for-kids music by clicking an image below or the NON-KIDS STUFF link in the menu bar at the top of this page!

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